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       Shenzhen Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Vikirin was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park North, is a focus on cooling materials development and application of high-tech enterprises cooling solution . Company's existing R & D staff of 12 people, including six senior titles , 4 doctors , bachelor degree or above accounted for 90%.

       Our core advantages: carbon nanotube composite thermal film is based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes , creatively thermal radiation nanomaterials and preparation of solid-liquid phase change material integrated together to form a heat conduction , radiation and convection heat synergies in three ways to achieve a more balanced and efficient heat dissipation. Meanwhile , our products have excellent flex resistance , folding and kneading flatten arbitrary will still be able to maintain a stable thermal performance , cutting processing without edging . Film production process waste heat is small , the production efficiency and greatly reduce production costs . In the non-planar structure of this product can also play its excellent thermal performance without affecting the electronic inner structure, and with a very high price advantage.

       Our products are widely used in tablet PCs, ultrabooks , smartphones, TVs , laptops and other intelligent terminal products. Annual production capacity of over 200,000 square meters .

Our product is to take a more balanced and efficient cooling mode , rather than just focus on the thermal conductivity , and has been widely praised by customers , clients include : HTC, Compal, Asus, Acer, and Shuo .

       Vikirin unicorn technology to " customer success career staff to achieve the dream " for the mission , has been adhering to the "customer first, continuous innovation" business philosophy, focusing on intelligent terminal products research and development of materials and heat dissipation solutions for applications, we have applied the 10 national patents , and in 2012 won the national high-tech enterprise certification.


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