Thermal problems smartphones

       With mobile phones and other consumer electronics products growing, intelligent machines has become the trend , smartphones thinner , more and more, from the initial 3.5 inch to 4.0 inch - until now Samsung popular 5.3 -inch, but the phone development is also increasingly compressed mobile structure space, nature gradually narrowing space for heat dissipation , making the phone must be taken into account in the design time using the heat dissipation element . Same time as the hardware technology innovation, increasing the phone's hardware configuration , such as CPU from single-core, dual-core, quad-core progressive development of increasingly high frequency , high-definition video , high-quality games to the popularity of mobile phones and other consumer electronics products, heating problems , is increasingly becoming mobile designers , and consumer concerns.

Advantages and disadvantages of thermal film classification

Mobile phone radiation film materials are mainly divided into three categories : natural graphite thermal film , artificial graphite thermal film , thermal film high concentration of carbon nano .

Natural graphite sheet

       Natural graphite thermal film has the advantage : Compared to copper and aluminum and other metal materials, high power dissipation , horizontal heat, in the relatively large thickness of the structure field of use, high cost, suitable for mechanical cooling, TV cooling, natural graphite thermal film the original intention was to develop LED lights and other components to make heat radiating membrane .

Natural graphite thermal film are generally disadvantageous in that the thickness of the finished product are generally more than 0.1MM , such a thickness in the phone , then the structure is not suitable for use , mobile phones are getting thinner , leaving little room for cooling the film , use the mobile phone thermal film is mainly concentrated in 0.05MM this thickness , natural graphite own shortcomings, no way to do this thickness , the other one is natural graphite thermal power is generally about 400 , film coating , the finished cooling power will be decline , the current mobile phones have become increasingly demanding heat , natural graphite has been increasingly unable to meet the requirements.

Artificial graphite sheet

The advantage of artificial graphite ; was capable of doing very thin , the thinnest can do 30U, so the finished product can do 45U (0.045MM) thickness. Artificial graphite cooling effect is very good, mainly reflected in the heat very quickly, very excellent lateral conduction . The best artificial graphite thermal power can reach about 1800 , widespread in the 600-1500

Artificial graphite only count as one big drawback is the price is too expensive , hundreds of thousand dollars a square meter, the price of such intelligent machines more strict cost control today , for mobile phone designers, is still very much pressure .

At the same time there is a common problem graphite thermal film is extruded graphite is semi- finished products made the process even gluing, laminating, machining process involves a lot of bad , while in the cutting process, the edges of the graphite powder easy to swap so we need to do edging processing , packet processing is money, and a lot of trouble , so for mobile terminal R & D personnel and cost control personnel, graphite sheet material itself has been very expensive price , but the graphite sheet fees and management fees are longer than the cutting material is also expensive.

Highly concentrated nano-carbon thermal film

       Highly concentrated nano-carbon thermal film is highly concentrated nano-carbon material made radiation film , nano carbon and graphite allotrope , cooling principle and graphite almost.

Nanocarbon film cooling advantages: highly concentrated carbon nano thermal power in 1000-6000 . Cooling is still very effective. Will be better than the natural graphite and artificial graphite almost. While thermal film made out of carbon nano is already finished , and only open mold processing , punching can , the process is very simple , low cost. The most important advantage is that the price of carbon nano thermal film is relatively low , far below the market price of artificial graphite, natural graphite, even better than some cheaper price .

Nano-carbon heat film Disadvantages: Some brands currently on the market a combination of nano- carbon molecules relatively scattered, nano-carbon compression level is not high , the thermal conductivity fast enough. Another highly concentrated carbon nano -quality thermal film composition of the finished structure is more complex, each company's thermal design of the critical point is not the same , ( critical point affect the cooling rate ) , so it is necessary to import in the early time , conduct several tests , to choose a suitable. Preliminary assessment takes a long time .


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