From the beginning of the birth of the super heat dissipation problem attracting much attention, petite Ultrabook Although the use of low-power components , may it always remain calm you ? Such worries are not redundant, some of the early super pole there is indeed a high temperature under high load conditions shortcomings , with ultra- pole of this difference of development , mechanical hard drives, high fever discrete graphics component is moved in super pole , the heat became extremely the key to stable operation . Well, in today's ultra-pole thermal design , what is the change ? What advantages and disadvantages do these changes ?

Tips: Apply the deficiencies MacBook Air Cooling

Speaking of super this , we have to talk about the early classic - Apple MacBook Air ( hereinafter referred to as MBA), because it directly affects the design of the first generation of super pole . The first point is the thermal design of the MBA in the Mac OS is completely normal , but many of the first generation of Windows systems over most of the land in use down mechanically , the problem came. The most obvious is placed in the cooling air outlet at the screen axis . In order to ensure the integrity of shape , screen axis and at the outlet from the small, when the screen is opened, the exhaust gas outlet easily reflected a turbulent flow , affecting heat dissipation. MBA With this cooling design also has forced the Department, after all , have been doomed blade shape its outlet only the rear of the notebook design . The inlet and outlet of a parallel design , and also avoid the inlet set at the bottom and affect the overall appearance of the notebook . But one thing is important: Apple's Mac OS X system low heat - Windows is not, copy apparently not.

MacBook Air will design outlet axis of the screen when the screen is opened to form a duct occlusion - fever greater use of the first generation of Windows systems over most of the multi-use this design

Evolution Mode 1 : The easiest

Separation to avoid blocking out

Pros: cleverly avoid blocking airflow screen hinge , thermally enhanced

Disadvantages : The bottom easily inhaled dust

Since the outlet cover and airflow affect the super pole short-circuit cooling two factors , then , does not have to avoid these factors . In fact , many manufacturers also do so , such as the HP Envy 4 cleverly outlet on the D on the lower side of the curved portion ( equivalent to D surface and the back of the fuselage junction ) . In addition, it lengthened the screen hinge , making the screen flipped away from the fuselage . Thus, even if the screen is opened, the outlet can not be blocked , reducing the outlet when the drag . Meanwhile , Envy 4 fuselage is still a large area of the bottom portion of the inlet , which not only allows the inlet port and outlet separation not in the same plane, avoiding the outlet of the air to be sucked into the machine again , the inlet ports on the lower part of the fan , so the intake air flow resistance will be greatly reduced, which enhance the thermal efficiency is very beneficial.

Of course , the use of such exposed out of the air intake to the machine may affect the integrity and aesthetics , while the bottom of the cold air at the same time , the dust can easily be sucked into the machine table , the frequency of maintenance increases disassemble .

HP Envy 4 additional inlet at the bottom , it is also effective to avoid the outlet of the block of the screen

Evolution Mode 2 : The most retro

Follow the traditional side of the outlet

Benefits: reduce wind drag , duct reasonable

Cons: hot air discharged from the side , affecting the use of feelings

Placed in the rear of the outlet is easily over most of the use of sunken shaft cover , then like a traditional laptop , as provided in the outlet side of what happened ? For the past super this , this idea really is not possible, because of the early super pole this is basically used the " blade " shape, did not accommodate the width of the port side , but can not be installed under the sink . But with the same thickness before and after entering super pole square structure , side-mounted radiators as possible. Since the side vent unobstructed so that its exhaust capacity there is not a small improvement , so many recent super this , such as Lenovo U310/410, Sony T13 , adopted such a cooling structure .

It can be said , side-mounted fan is square over most of the dedicated cooling mode, but it will also take over most of the side of space , so that over most of the port layout becomes difficult. Meanwhile, the side-mounted radiator also requires extremely the internal re-layout , so it is possible to motherboards, hard drives and other parts extending over most part of the books of the wrist rest , resulting in wrist rest temperature, affect the user's feelings.

Tips: Keyboard wrist rest high temperature is more terrible than

Are in the C surface temperature than the keyboard wrist rest do not heat more humane ? The answer is yes , you know, when using the keyboard , the wrist is always placed on the wrist rest , and the keyboard is only momentary thing , so that the keyboard is not easy to feel the heat users , while there will be a serious wrist rest hot hot feeling. Also, since the keyboard is the plastic material used , thermal conductivity is poor , so that even if the bottom of the higher temperature of the substrate is not easy to transfer to the surface of the finger keys to direct contact . So, ah, if the words must appear in the high temperature zone , or it appears in the keyboard area

Lenovo U310 with side cooling and thermal imaging map

Evolution Mode 3: the most comfortable

Dual cooling fan design doubling

Benefits : Enhanced cooling, reduce noise

Disadvantages: occupy space inside the machine

Duct improved , does not mean that over most of the heat is no problem , after all , ultra-thin shape over most of the area in terms of cooling , the fan size , no law and general this contend that the cooling effect, naturally be greatly reduced , due to the low voltage CPU may not be a problem , but when landing over most of the graphics card , the problem came out , which can zezheng ? Asus UX32 and not super this " ultrabooks " - Retina MacBook Pro version have adopted the same approach , namely dual fan design , the principle is very simple, using two sets of fans and heat sinks , so that greatly enhance its natural cooling capacity to cope with high-performance graphics cards is not a problem .

Let the power of dual- fan at low speed state can maintain good cooling effect, which make it the noise , especially under low load conditions greatly reduce the noise , while its battery is placed in the wrist rest without changing the design of the bottom , this allows extremely the wrist rest to keep cool . Cold and quiet , which enhance the user's comfort. Of course, the dual fan design is also flawed Oh , after all , more than two fans to take over most of the interior space , so that the battery tends to seize originally part of the territory, such as the UX32 UX31 battery area on the 2/3 reduced to a / 2 or so, which is forced to give up UX32 blade designed to increase its capacity to ensure the thickness of the battery . In addition, this dual fan design doubles the fan and motherboard and internal components are required to be more compact, will significantly enhance the cost.

Asus UX32 and MacBook Pro Retina version are dual fan design

Tips: Why asymmetric blades to reduce noise?

To reduce noise, Retina MacBook Pro version uses asymmetric fan, what role do? We know that the conventional notebook fan blades are equidistant isometric, so that when the fan is running, each blade is also consistent friction with the air to form sound the same frequency, it would sound resonance enhancement. Asymmetrical fan blades are not equidistant, the frequency of the blades and the air friction also varies. This is not only easy to form resonance, the sound is not concentrated in a specific frequency band. Therefore, since the human ear shadowing effect, even if the same noise level, it will not feel harsh.

Evolution Mode 4 : The most creative

Lift the base to increase the cooling holes

Advantages: intelligent control and advanced fashion

Disadvantages: life to be verified , the difficulty of maintaining high

Acer S5, electric lift base we have already mentioned several times , in fact , this design also greatly benefit the heat Oh, not only because of the raised base after base side air intakes and rear air intakes will exposed , greatly reducing the inlet and outlet when the notebook the drag . At the same time , it also reduces the resistance of the air inside the machine , you know , the air inside the machine also has resistance , while the ultra -pole of this because the structure is compact, so that the interior space is very small, the airflow through the chassis and motherboard tiny gap flow, encountered great resistance , so that it directly affects the machine's cooling . The Acer S5 in open lifting cradle , its interior space will increase significantly , which reduces the air flow when the resistance.

Thus, relying on lifting the base, so that the Acer S5 Ultrabook internal and external airflow resistance have been effectively reduced , the fan at low speed, you can get enough airflow for heat dissipation , which improve heat dissipation , it is very obvious . Disadvantages you say , that may lower the cost base down Oh .

Acer S5 in the base rises , will reveal the side of the inlet and outlet behind

Summary: Thermal change , over most of the difference of the flag

Over most of the emergence of a variety of cooling methods , it is extremely the differentiation markers , because different forms of ultra- pole of this emergence , before allowing more for the target model for targeted design of the cooling methods rooted in super book. And such improvements , but also gives the ultra -pole of this more powerful and more variable in shape, so that over most of the advent of the MacBook Air from the stigma of coming out to achieve a flourishing , with more variable shape and more powerful performance.


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