With the popularity of flat-panel TVs , "thin " has become a powerful competitive flat-panel TVs . Many consumers buy flat-panel TVs , largely valued its smaller, slim and beautiful, especially with the LED LCD TV market, LCD TVs have entered the thickness measurement from centimeters to millimeters era.

   First, to achieve ultra-thin LCD TV through the whole design innovation , such as certain products using separate power supply and other ways to achieve ultra-thin , this ad-hoc manner and did not get a lot of use . Later this year, some TV manufacturers to promote ultra-thin LED LCD TV backlight is achieved by improving the slim, because the LED backlight is planar light source itself can do more slim.

   However, LCD TV slim design will inevitably lead to some chips , circuits, components and thus reduced the compression space for heat dissipation , thermal stability , poor product performance is very unfavorable . Especially for LED TV , as the size increases , the required quantity should be increased LED backlight , the backlight module accounts for 80% of the whole amount of heat , resulting in increased energy consumption , therefore , large-size thin LED TV technology requirements for cooling is more picky. For thin and cooling dilemma how to achieve co-existence , a company comes to R & D engineers , backlight module and LCD TV supply high-voltage board is two big heat by increasing the transmittance of the LCD screen and intelligent dynamic backlight control, and improve the power conversion rate can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the backlight module working to reduce energy consumption is to reduce the heat of the fundamental ; but the cooling module is designed for ultra-thin LCD TV is also very important in terms . Hisense slim LED products is the use of cooling measures better insulation and thermal conductivity nano silicone key components of internal heat conduction cooling and convection cooling aluminum backplate auxiliary heat to achieve the ultra-thin multi- product heat .

Keeping cool ultra-thin LCD TV , in addition to the heat buy good products , a number of television techniques can also try using heat . If placed on television around the TV should pay attention to leave a little space , do not put too many things , affect the air circulation ; must adhere to regularly clean up the dust, the dust is a major killer heat affecting television . Also, do continuous power for too long , so not only on television , good for their health better .


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